BARBAAR CAFE, NETHERLANDS 2018-04-12T22:56:42+00:00

Project Description


“Great minds drink alike”

Busy night at Barbaar Cafe, Delft, Netherlands


Barbaar is the meeting place for creatives and enterprising minds in Delft, owned and organized by Het Collectief, a Delft based contemporary multidisciplinary practice. The barbarians who visit Barbaar are able to see complex issues and social challenges in ways that others have not thought of before. As new connections are made, this is the place where new ideas are born. These are the barbarians of our society; the bearers of renewal, a fresh look, confidence, innovation and curiosity for the unknown. Be inspired by the barbarians who preceded you, the historic location and the people around you. Grab a tasty beer to get your idea motor going and come back the next morning for more inspiration while enjoying a freshly ground coffee.

Dwaal’s role in this project included both architectural lighting design plans for the space, and the design and production of a set of custom lighting fixtures for the cafe.