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Donations to support volunteer trips

At Dwaal, we think it is important to remember that while we are enjoying beautiful lighting in our homes, reading in our favorite chair at night or lighting up a pathway for visitors, almost 21% of the world’s population has no access to lighting or electricity at all. That means that cooking, reading or doing work at home to support the family is very difficult, and sometimes dangerous.

Dwall already donates 5% of all profits to two organizations that support equitable lighting, and to a Dwaal fund that supports independent research and design projects by Dwaal. These research or design projects are for the specific purpose of supporting equitable lighting.

Additionally, you can donate directly to a fund that helps to send a Dwaal employee on a volunteer trip to a country where there is a need for lighting or electrification. This helps to give Dwaal employees first hand experience working with people who live with no lighting on a daily basis.