Project Description


“Great minds drink alike”

Barbaar is the meeting place for creatives and enterprising minds in Delft. Our barbarians are able to see complex issues and social challenges in ways that others have not thought of before.

Just above Barbaar cafe, lies Maakbaar , a maker-space in the city center of Delft, located in the Prinsenkwartier (a new cultural center for arts and technology in Delft). The community of innovative makers shares ideas and knowledge to create and build epic objects. Maakbaar focuses on technology, art, design, society and entrepreneurship to increase the impact of creative Delft.

Dwaal’s aim in this project was to connect the ideas of the Maakbaar (maker-space) with Barbaar Cafe downstairs, through the IndiePendants custom pendant fixtures. The laser cut fixtures were designed by Dwaal (in collaboration with Het Collectief), made using laser-cutting techniques, and assembled on site at Maakbaar.