As much as you might want to make a difference in the world, it is not always feasible to take time off from your life and job, book a flight and work directly in the field to improve the lives of others. One way that you can make a difference is by donating money to a cause that you believe in.

About 21% of the world’s population are still without access to electricity worldwide, almost all of whom live in developing countries. Unfortunately, a major barrier to the electrification of these areas is corruption. According to the Solar Energy Foundation*, “The most problematic factor for business in Africa is the “access to finance”, closely followed by “corruption”. The ratio in Asia and America is different: “corruption” is here the most problematic factor for business while “access to finance” is ranked on third position.”

Giving money to humanitarian causes is important, but it is equally important to know that the money you are giving is making a difference. In 2011, the

 BBC produced a radio series called The Truth about NGOs . Part two reviews the role of NGOs in India’s Dharavi slum in Mumbai, and talks to some NGO workers who have set up a watch-dog group called the Credibility Alliance.
The Credibility Alliance supports the transparency of NGOs by offering an accreditation program. According to the Credibility Alliance website, the Corporate Social Responsibility has been made part of the Companies Act, 2013, by the Government of India. This is great news for India, but it is still important to find similar accreditation programs for other countries.

Where to Donate

Interested in Donating money for Equitable Lighting?

Dwaal has some suggestions that you can check out if you are interested in donating money to help bring light and electricity to families in need.
Where to Donate

* Solar Energy Foundation, “Off-Grid Business Indicator 2014”,