“A studio can be more than a place with cool equipment where noise is made. It can be a spiritual ground where musicians can connect to the deepest places within and beyond themselves. A place where they can be free to experiment and express themselves: an act that can access something transcendent, and ultimately create a thing of permanence (a recording) that in itself can spread that beautiful transcendence to those who listen to it.”

“With Electric Garden we are striving to build more than just a studio, but a community that will revitalize a creative movement dear to our hearts. With the current technological ease of home recording, many NYC studios have been closing. But it is essential that we still build and nurture these hallowed spaces that are designed specifically to facilitate the sacred creative process. Electric Garden will be a space that can serve this very important function.”

Dwaal - Electric Garden Studio - Plant Wall

Image: Electric Garden Living Wall (Image Credit F.Oudeman)

Dwaal - Electric Garden Studio - Live Room

Image: Electric Garden Live room (Image Credit F.Oudeman)

Dwaal - Electric Garden Studio - CNC wall

Image: Electric Garden Recording Session with custom CNC wall (Image Credit B.Kane)

Dwaal - Electric Garden Studio - Mixing Room Gif

Image: Electric Garden Mixing Room with CNC wall (Image Credit F.Oudeman)