A couple great articles came out about Operation Railbridge #OpRail, which is an initiative to revive the nine railway underpasses that recur throughout downtown Schenectady into dynamic public assets. These historic spaces are in various states of disrepair, and currently disconnect adjoining neighborhoods. This project was conceived to creatively address such conditions through an evolving streetscape, advocating walkability.

Dwaal (along with design partner Arcgeometer, and architect Kristin Diotte of Post-Design) are working on an artistic lighting and acoustics based installation – intended to re-activate the railbridge underpasses which currently divide the city of Schenectady NY.

Schenectady New York is located about 150 miles North of New York City. This city has a long industrial history, housing companies such as General Electric and Schenectady Steel. The city is dissected by raised railroad bridges. This project aims to convert these sometimes neglected rail-bridges into art spaces and way-finding markers. This project will kick off in the summer of 2016.